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Hello and most welcome to my meat and culture Blog!

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Nice to have you visit me!

My name is Ruth Schalk and I’m from Hamburg in North Germany, where I work as a freelance journalist. Animal welfare within farming, the livestock and healthy eating, are my heart’s desire and it‘s great fun to let you know.*

It is important that you know what CETA and TTIP are. What do these trade agreements with the United States mean for the consumer in europe and of course for the animals. Basically, I regard trade agreements perfectly fine if they bring a win-win. And then, of course, I like it with Canada and the United States as well. My son is born in the US, because this country and its people are fantastic in many ways.

In this blog I will give you specific tips and hints also where you can buy cutlets, steaks and other animal products, from animal welfare farms. If it is possible, I will check my information personally. I will gladly accept your evidence here, preferably with a small photo of the farm. Consider yourself invited to broad an information network for everyone to apply.

I would also like to entertain and inform you for whetting your appetite with a wide range of “feed” of all kinds, to astonish you and infect you with my passion for animals, nature and many other stories around it and also included. Suggestions from you are always welcome here, whether as ideas, positive, negative or in the form of criticism.

What does all this do? I have a dream away with FACTORY FARMING! Shrinking back to smaller productions, more appreciation for the animals, more care in dealing with nature, back to the Sunday roast, back to the value culture! And on the long run I hope to install herewith a kind of an european information exchange board, so we can learn from each other the better ways.

Why meat and culture? Because the culture plays along at any time, something embellishing, much explains itself, amuseing, turning it into something new, or just adds and maintains. Culture is also a nice link when it comes to bringing contradictions in line and sometimes it works like a band aid against the cruel stuff.

I‘m still practising the blogging charme with all it’s technique traps; all my ideas are growing little by little in here and some must first develop also simple – you will be surprised

*If my english is poor somehow, I’d really be very happy, if you’d help me to improve. Thank you!

1st June 2015

My blog is now living for a year and it still gives me a lot of fun! Agriculture is an inexhaustible, wonderful subject, culture designed it even more colorful. It grows and grows, the knowledge about agriculture, healthy points of view, the developments, trends, etc. . The good thing about a blog is indeed, that nothing get’s lost and everything can be completed. The input is therefore supplemented and improved constantly. Slightly more resonance from the outside would be nice, like with information, suggestions, criticisms, questions, whatever touches you is carefully recorded and processed. And, as I already said, if my english blows your socks off, please help me improving it. At this point, many thanks for your visits I am always very happy about the traffic!

so hope to see you again pretty soon …

Editorial statute for fairfood4u.eu and .com

– Research journalism is systemically important for a democracy.

– Political Education of the public is created by knowledge and relevant journalism transfers knowledge. This knowledge is first acquired by professional search and only afterwards unprejudiced analyzed, weighted and published.

– Priority has therefore not what journalists think, but what they know.

– Journalism has a constitutionally desired control function in a democracy. Journalists have consequently a reconnaissance mission.

– This educational mission is not individual but for public interests. It’s committed to pursue the relevant structural and grievances and deficits in a society, such as social injustices, economic dependency, discrimination, global environmental problems, abuse of power or corruption and uncover it.

– FairFood4u realizes this mission through its own research and dossiers with references to socially relevant and exemplary external research.

– Journalists are only credible, if they meet the standards by which they judge the actions of individuals or institutions that can apply first and foremost for themselves, means, all posts published here are neat researched by myself or other journalists, as shown in the text. I or we, have not received any money for it, so it is not consistent to PR posts.

– A globalized world can not be local or regional, but only recognized and explained in its global context. So I also have a page on .com., and try to understand the relationships referring the questions of my subjects in other countries and to publish.

– I do not do PR and no common cause with PR agencies and, or together with their authors or employees. Any collaboration is therefore excluded, unless there is a clear agency contract, then it is marked and identifiable as such.

– All rights to my images and texts are owned exclusively by me. If someone wants to use my images, texts, phrases or other ideas from my Blog “FairFood4u”, then you have to ask me first for permission.

more information about me you’ll get here: LinkedIn Profile

Additional qualifications:

Low-stress stockmanship with Philip Wenz in Echem with dairy cattle and also a mother cow herd in September 2015; Stockmanship may sound violent, it’s just the opposite, the soft” handling of cows; Driving them without a cane or electric driver, simply by consistently proper use of proximity and withdrawal; The seminar is highly recommended for many reasons. Philipp Wenz learns the technique from Bud Williams from the States.

Proper Housing Systems Seminar for poultry farmers FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture / SÖL Foundation Ecology & Agriculture, BLE Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food; very good insight into the complexity of issues of keeping chickens under instructed by Dr. Christiane Keppler, University of Kassel and Mrs van der Linde, LWK Chamber of Agriculture NRW different husbandry systems. In addition, interesting and important insights into the current thoughts of laying hen farmers both conventional and organic.

Proper Housing Systems Seminar for pig farmers FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture / SÖL Foundation Ecology & Agriculture, BLE Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food; very good initiation into the animal-friendly pig farming under the guidance of agricultural biologist Rudolf Wiedmann, proper housing systems in pig farming using the example of Andreas Brunner (960 breeding places in Pigport outdoor climate stables, plus explanations of the best farrowing; Jan Hempler LWK NS consecrated into the specifics of animal welfare labeling and promotion programs and Tomás Sunday of the market society (bmH) nature country establishments, declared the animal-friendly marketing of these curious and agile animals.