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Hello and welcome,

nice that you are interested in advertising on this blog. This is of course feasible and love willed! However, the product, the people and the statement should match the idea. This blog stands for creativity, culture, conservation and protection of nature, species-appropriate animal husbandry, climate, entertainment and much more … Factory farming companies, like the german poultry breeder “Wiesenhof”, would not match; same every other company that works against the nature.

Advertising is possible in the sliders or as a whole Slider, for excample, a Range Rover could drive over the side. The Footer offers a lot of space for company posts as well.

Advertising is also possible in the side menu, as a background or in individual contributions, and also on the german side:

The costs depend on the length of the circuit, the size and frequency. For design and installation I can recommend appropriate web acrobats and clever agencies, but I can not create it myself.

If you have questions, contact me with pleasure by mail: or over the phone: +49 40 171 6460786

Best regards and have a nice day

Ruth Schalk